Join Mission15 to send one billion gospel invitations around the world.

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The Inspiration

One night, while in prayer, GNPI president Mike Schrage sensed the Lord issuing a new challenge—reach one billion by 2030. Mike thought he must be hearing incorrectly, that number is too big. Surely the Lord meant one million? But as he continued in prayer, the conviction became clear. Issue one billion gospel invitations by 2030.

The Method

You already know the power of media to reach people exponentially. The Mission15 strategy will harness that power to design and deliver one billion gospel invitations through social media platforms, radio, television, and print.

The Network

With 27 teams in 16 countries, GNPI is positioned to spearhead the network needed to complete Mission15. Yet this God-sized goal will take a God-sized coalition to accomplish. It will take partner organizations, churches and individuals all working together so that many can come to know Jesus.

Will you join this movement?


Every great movement of God begins with extraordinary prayer.

The most important component of Mission15 is prayer. And, it will take all of us, all over this globe, committing to pray for one billion gospel invitations to be received by open hearts. So we simply ask that you pray 15 minutes - do it once, do it monthly, do it daily. Just pray.


Every dollar counts, would you consider investing every month so that many can hear about the gift of Jesus?

Because of the efficiency and effectiveness of media, just $15 will enable a gospel invitation to reach hundreds. When we combine all of our $15 gifts, together we reach millions.


Passing this challenge on enables it to grow until all one billion gospel invitations are received.

You share 15 times. Maybe you share God’s story with friends or coworkers. Maybe you invite others to join the Mission15 initiative. Maybe a combination of both. However you share, we will work together to share the Good News in your neighborhood and into all the world.
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